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be safe. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. good thursday morning. i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. roads are slick. how long is this rain going to be with you? live doppler 7 hd, you can see the north bay is starting to see a break in the wet weather as the heart of the bay and south bay starting to get some of that steadier rain. it has slowed overnight. it is going to be wet everywhere this morning because of the residual moisture from last night. let's put it in motion you can see how much slower it is moving over the last three hours only moved 30, 35 miles putting it in the heart of the bay best radar returns east
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bay, through sunol grade starting to move into the south bay. we don't have much fog mainly light rain through the morning commute. mainly dry near 60 at the coast near 70 bay and inland. slick roads means dangerous driving condition. live look at the san mateo light, but wet you will need your windshield wipers eastbound 4 at loveridge roadwork until 5:30 detoured on and off at the on-ramp north 101 marin, cortamadera, sir francis drake ing in the right lanes. -- westbound two separate accidents at first and portola. a rough drive on 580 this morning. sounds like transit may be a good option. a lot of people did that yesterday. bart set it set a new
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ridership record when an estimated million giants' fans packed downtown san francisco. bart recorded more than 553,000 exits as of 10 p.m. last night, time tally released today, 30,000 more than the previous record set two years ago during the last world series parade. muni says the system carried 250,000 people yesterday more than 50% increase over al day. san francisco police are investigating a -- shooting that happened near the city hall rally on turk and leavenworth, four blocks from civic center. an 18-year-old man was shot in the head at last word he's in critical. a 23-year-old man was grazed by a bullet in the torso. witnesses say they heard an argument before the shooting. san francisco police
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released new images of the arsonist caught in the act of torch that muni bus sunday. a crowd turned violent following the giants victory in detroit. >> we will identify you. we will arrest you. we will prosecute you. and you are going to pay for it. >> reporter: terse words from the police chief to the people who torched this muni bus. police just released new video showing the two men who started the fire early monday morning at third and market. you see a man throwing a flammable object into the bus. witnesses can be heard. >> there's people telling him not to do that. that you can hear, basically saying dude that is not cool, don't do that put it out. >> reporter: a second man adds more flames to the fire. police hope good citizens will identify these two that happened after this picture of a man smashing the front
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window of the bus went viral the public helped lead police to 22-year-old gregory graniss of san francisco. >> gregory graniss was arrested not far from the location, taken into custody, and has confessed to being in fact the person who broke out the window. >> reporter: mayor lee says it will cost the city a million dollars to replace that bus which is why san francisco police say finding those arsonists their top priority. ama daetz, abc7 news. this morning, oakland police say an attempted robbery may have led to the shooting death of a man in a cell phone store last night. detectives say adult male was shot at the metropc store in the 9200 block of international boulevard. the man's identity has not been released. we are following breaking news out of los angeles. the university of southern california remains on locktown
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after a shooting on campus. at least four people are in the hospital. police are two men, they say one opened fire during a halloween party shortly before midnight. usc issued an alert to students and staff. one of the victims undergoing surgery. three others suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. in hollywood three people were hit after a gunman started shooting near the intersection of hollywood boulevard and highland avenue where hundreds were out celebrating halloween. three men were taken away in cuffs. 17-year-old in critical. the other two victims are going to be okay. 3200 nurses in the east bay are set to begin a one-day strike this morning they work at several hospitals managed by sutter health. the walk-out will be the six inn in a series by members of the california -- the sixth in a series by members of the
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california nurses association. sutter health says replacement nurses have been brought in. thousands of bay area homeowners with mortgages they cannot afford. they have an opportunity to get help this weekend in san jose. starting at 8:00 this morning, the neighborhood assistance corporation of america, returns to the bay area with its american dream program. hundreds of counselors and bank representatives from all major lenders will be there at the san jose convention center through monday helping with free onsite home loans and free loan modifications. terry mcsweeney will have more information in 30 minutes. now the aftermath of hurricane sandy. many of new york city subways began roll this morning, three days after superstorm sandy. damaged parts of the subway are running again, officials say these still won't be much service to downtown manhattan
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where the tunnels are still flooded in new jersey the storm damaged or destroyed nearly all the homes in wealthy enclaves. some are still stranded in hoboken. the storm killedcvr( more than 0 people and left millions without power in the eastern u.s.. katie marzullo will have an update on the east coast storm damage in the next half hour. she is gathering that information. still, millions don't have power, don't have a way to get a hot meal. >> in contrast our weather not so bad. we have rain overnight which can make for tough driving. >> let's check in with mike. live doppler, good morning that wet weather we talked about is still lingering for this morning's commute. north bay starting to clear out doppler spinning there showing most of the radar returns to the south. let's take a round robin first in the south bay you can see
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foothill boulevard, prospect road, we are starting to see wet weather 85 towards saratoga as it connects into 17 around los gatos. up the peninsula, redwood city, san carlos, foster city between dumbarton and san mateo bridges best radar returns. east castro valley 280, 880 where they come together back through the dublin grade into the tri-valley healthy rainfall through there. up 680 towards cord. big pick you are, moisture -- offshore, tail end of the system to our north that is going to bring us clearing this afternoon. the light rain is going to stay for the morning commute. lingering showers possible around noon clouds start to open up, temperatures near 70 inland around the bay, 60 at
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the coast. dry this evening. watch out forever patchy fog overnight. high clouds warmer friday. temperatures from the coast above average saturday and sunday. good morning. slick roads, give yourself plenty of time. first look at the bay bridge toll, light, also wet, you can see the shimmering off the roadway, no metering lights, traffic looks good into san francisco. here's the situation eastbound 580 past greenville, jacknifed big rig cleared out of lanes. noncommute direction now it is gone. chp updating their information, westbound what we thought were two incidents turns out to be one, west bound first livermore accident blocking right lane there. the rain is going to make your commute slower and slick they are morning. amy hollyfield is live in fremont. how is it going there? >> reporter: good morning. some have soggy trick-or-treaters last night wondering if you are going to have a soggy commute it is
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pretty wet out here. we came here to fremont because the storm looks like it is headed toward the fremont redwood city area we wanted to show you what it is looking like now. we did experience a steady rain. it has let up now for the moment but it does come and go the kind of rain where you want to grab your rain gear, umbrella, jacket put the kids raincoats on don't cancel the day. there's not driving winds, it is just a nice, steady rain. did check in with the chp. they said their number of calls has increased overnight, typical storm calls. people pointing outstanding water or couple of spin-outs. and they have dispatched cal trains to clear some storm drains so they can relieve the standing water. they want to get the word out
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there is some standing water out there the rain is coming on and off nothing too terrible, you can deal with it. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. san jose police officer puts his life on the line to save a young girl. next, how he's being honored today. rain doesn't scare away halloween trick-or-treaters how they can turn the candy they collected into cash today. >> first this morning's tech bites. >> reporter: two wireless giants coming together to help victims of hurricane stan did. at&t and fmobile will allow customers to make calls -- would it roaming charges. -- new yorkers coming together charge up gadgets anywhere they can. apple fans will have to wait longer for new itunes software
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has been delayed a month the company says the new design will feature a simpler interface and integrate seamlessly with icloud.
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good morning. all the bay area touched by rain overnight. over the last three hours system has slowed another batch of wet weather off the santa cruz mountains coming through for the south bay over the next couple of hours. scattered showers and mountain snows in the northeast temperatures running in the
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50s, 85 dallas, 89 phoenix mid to upper 50s seattle and portland. all major airports on time. as you look at the west come back here you can see the rain over top of us we will have delays. when they develop, i'll let you know. former principal at a san jose elementary school may take the stand today in a child abuse case. she is accused of failing to report an inch didn't involving one of her teachers. prosecutors say it happened last year. 8-year-old girl testified in the case yesterday. she says she told the principal that the teacher craig chandler blindfolded her and assaulted her. chandler has been charged with molesting five second graders. san jose officer set to get highest award for a rescue. the officer will be presented
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with medal of honor for rescuing 11-year-old girl held by her mother's ex-boyfriend it happened in january. the suspect texted he had a gun and will be ready for police. the pistol turned out to be loaded with blanks ii trying to figure out what to do with that -- halloween candy? today more than 1,000 dentists are offering to exchange toothbrushes, toys even cash for that halloween candy. part of operation gratitude dentists will the candy to troops overseas. they see it as an opportunity to educate kids about tooth decay. for a list of dental offices taking part in the candy exchange go to and click on see it on tv. president obama and
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mitt romney begin a last push today to sway voters. >> one of our favorite moments from the giants' victory celebration. >> watch what happens when i say -- gangnam style. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ welcome back. south of the north bay light steady rain for the morning commute in the north bay a little drizzle, fog. lunch this is all over other than a stray shower. warmer weather in the first weekend in november. can believe it is november already. time flies. your voice, your vote. governor brown will be in san francisco today making a last minute push for prop 30
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second visit in one week. prop 30 asks voters to approve temporary tax hike on incomes over a quarter of a million dollars a year. sales tax hike for the next four years. brown says the revenue will prevent six billion dollars in cuts to state funded schools. the latest numbers show prop 30 support dropping since september. president obama dives back into campaigning after three days immersed in leading response to sandy. president obama and mitt romney are locked in a tight contest both campaigns predicting victory. >> reporter: the action picks up again with both on the trail. president obama visits wisconsin, nevada and colorado for his first campaign event since sandy hit. mitt romney will be in virginia today he stumped in florida wednesday and never criticized the president. >> we can't go on the road we are on and change course if we
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keep on attacking each other. we have to come together and get america on track again. >> reporter: the race is still a dead heat. poll shows candidates tied among likely voters at 49%. that same poll found americans rate president obama's response to the superstorm, positively. 78% say mr. obama's handling the situation excellent or good. the president toured new jersey with republican governor kristi. the governor usually one of the -- president's harshest critics had nothing but kind words. >> he was worked incredibly close me i cannot thank the president enough. -- >> reporter: both campaigns think they are winning. obama campaign points to the president leading or tied with romney. romney campaign says the president is playing defense in michigan, pennsylvania and minnesota, democratic turf.
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tahman bradley, abc news, washington. >> the number of californians who can vote is at an all-time high. almost a million and a half new voters signed up online under the state's new law they tend to be younger and less leaning than the state's general voting population. wet trip into work this morning. sometimes rainex if conditions are correct, definitely going to be a tough commute this morning. looking at the golden gate bridge you can see the steadier rain over. definitely have wetness on the road that's the way it is going to be mean if it is not raining where you are, it is still going to be slick outside.
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wanted to give you the bigger picture, no matter where you are traveling to the east and south, you are going to run into wet weather. as you head into the sierra, you can see it turns into snow only at the highest elevations above the passes. it looks like no matter where you go through , going to be wealth the next couple of hours, so be careful. -- back home, temperatures mild this morning. upper 50s everywhere. monterey bay upper 50s to near 60°. wet a.m. commute. partly sunny as we head into the afternoon partly cloudy tonight patchy fog in valleys bright and warm weekend is waiting for you, temperatures above average for the first weekend in november. high still to our south slowing cold front that's why we still have rain. it is going to be out there for sure. overnight you can see slowly moving into the bay, losing a
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little steam, 3/4 of an inch in the north bay only a 10th in the south bay, maybe another 10th, looks like that forecast we talked about yesterday is pretty close to what mother nature is giving us. noon breaks in the cloud cover maybe stray shower isolated shower possible during the afternoon hours by far, the steady rain is over after 9:00. temperatures today in the mid 60s to around 70. coast will be in the upper 50s to near 60 monterey bay low to mid 60s around the bay mid to upper 60s inland rain for the better part of the morning into the early afternoon. around the state that stream does dry up a little, showers tahoe and yosemite, farther south upper 60s l.a. and san diego. back home high clouds and sun warmer tomorrow don't forget
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to set your clocks back an hour saturday. change the batteries in your detectors and alarms. live look at the macarthur maze traffic from 580 and 880 and 80, all looking good, no delays. the roads are slick, you want give yourself extra time, flooding north bay cortamadera, north 101 at sir francis drake boulevard, standing water there. westbound past north livermore to 580 accident blocking lane of traffic you can see by the sensors we don't have significant slow-downs. north 880 ramp to montague expressway blocked with accident in the san jose area. more standing water in san francisco, southbound 101 at paul right lanes have flooding there. our time is 4:55. we mentioned the number of californians who can vote now at an all-time high we had
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give event the number of one million that sounded low. it is 18 million registered voters in california with 1.4 million new voters. riding bart in bad weather might be more pleasant. bart is developing a canopy prototype forest lay fors to shield riders from the elements -- for its escalators to shield riders from the elements. the civic center station recently shutdown because of filthy k including urine and feces. 9ers are installing bike racks at the stick starting with the november 11th game against the rams. it is the first time fans have had an official place to park their bikes since the team began playing there 44 -- 41 years ago. no word on how many bikes they will be able to handle or
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where they will go the 9ers are planning bike parking for the new stadium in santa clara. next, woodburning crackdowns the fines you face starting today if you light up your fireplace on the nights you are not allowed. politics with celebration t-shirts that became a show stopper at the giants' victory parade.
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